Saturday was a wood fired pizza marathon at our store!

On Saturdays the atmosphere is more relaxed than it is during the week at our store. The 3-5 of us working have a little more fun and often times that fun revolves around cooking in our wood fired oven. This past Saturday was no exception and we decided that it would be pizza day.

I fired up the oven at around 12:30 and it was at 850 degrees really fast. I didn’t time it but it was ready to go when I was done preparing the first pizza.

Our first pizza of the day was a meat lovers. Sausage (Perri sweet sausage), pepperoni and hamburg. This was a warm up run. Unfortunately, we were lacking a pizza peel so we couldn’t cook directly on the stone. That was a little bit of a problem. We were going to run out and buy one but the kitchen equipment store about 6 miles away was closed. So we made due with a cookie sheet.

The warm-up pizza came out and looked really good. We gave it to customers who were meandering around the store/lot. They gave it rave reviews but in my opinion the dough wasn’t cooked enough in the center due to it being on the cookie sheet.

The next pizza was a combo with bell peppers, mushrooms and hamburg.

Just about ready to come out of the oven.

The next pie was a veggie.

Fresh broccoli and green, red and yellow bell peppers.

I like meat on my pizzas but this came out really good. The broccoli was crunchy and the peppers had some snap to them as well.

Tom, our sales manager, wanted to do more of a specialty pizza. He roasted a couple of bell peppers in the pizza oven (no pictures as everyone else was busy with customers). They almost didn’t last for his pizza as a couple of us began taking the skin off of the peppers and the inside was perfectly roasted. Tom intervened and sliced up the peppers and added thinly sliced eggplant and ricotta cheese.

Tom had not cooked a pizza solo yet and he left the pizza dough on the table loaded with the toppings and figured he could just slide it onto the cookie sheet. He didn’t have enough flower on the table and everything stuck. So he made the best of it and slid the toppings off, unstuck the pizza and put it on the cookie sheet. His pizza did not look pretty when it went into the oven.

Again, we were busy when Tom put the pizza in and unfortunately we didn’t get any photos but I did have a piece of it and it was really good.

And the last pizza of the day.

We went with a combo. Mushrooms, bell peppers, hamburg, and tomatoes.  We whipped this up really quick! It’s not the most attractive pizza I’ve ever seen but it tasted great. The edges were a bit crispier than I would have liked due to not turning it enough.

I will definitely be getting a new pizza peel this week.