In an attempt to amuse myself (and the visitors) I decided that instead of continually adding to the site I will make it easy on myself and blog about my cooking experiences or in some cases cooking fiasco’s.

I’m going to be up front. I am not a great cook. In fact I am marginal at best when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. I am however a self proclaimed master chef when it comes to cooking outdoors. Maybe it’s because I enjoy working the grill and pizza oven more than I like using a conventional stove or oven? Or it could be that I love being outdoors and cleaning up any spills is a much simpler process (garden hose).

So this wood fired oven blog is going to be filled with wood fired oven information. I am going to stay as far away from mundane topics as humanly possible. Those I will save for the website.  I will share my wood fired cooking experiences or as my wife likes to call them “experiments” as well as recipes both original and classic.

So ask questions, share your thoughts or just read through some of the posts and if you can add anything you feel is useful then go for it!