We get a lot of requests to test drive our wood fired pizza ovens. During each test drive I typically get the fire going and myself and a couple of our staff cook a few pizzas etc. with our visitors. Well in late March I had a different sort of test drive request. A local chef who is also a friend asked if he could test drive one of our wood fired pizza ovens. It’s a pretty normal request so I said “sure, when would you like to try it out?”. We set a date for April 9th.

On April 8th Chef Tolli arrived to drop off a very large table and some ingredients. I was a bit surprised to see 8 pizza doughs, a food processor, a gallon or so of his sauce and large bags of cheese, vegetables, sausage and other ingredients. When I asked him “why so much stuff?” he told me he wanted to cook all afternoon and had asked some of our mutual friends to come and test drive the oven with us.

So on April 9th Chef Tolli commandeered my model B pizza oven for the aftrnoon and it was awesome!