A LOT of people ask me how they should clean their pizza stone. “Clean your pizza stone?”, is my typical response as I don’t clean mine.

Seriously though there are times when you need to clean the stone be it from a spill or just cooking some messy foods. This is how I clean mine.

First, I get a really hot fire going. I typically will bring it up to 900+ degrees. Next I take a stiff spatula and simply scrape the stone removing any food remnants. Using the same spatula I scoop up the debris and throw it in the trash. NOTE: Please wear heat protective gloves so you don’t burn yourself!

Once the fire is out and the pizza oven has cooled I either use a small brush and sweep out any leftover scrapings or I use a compressor and blow the scrapings out.


  • Use any type of soap as it will be absorbed by the pizza stone
  • Use any type of oven cleaner or any cleaner for that matter
  • Use water although I sometimes will use a slightly damp rag to wipe down the stone

Don’t worry about stains on the pizza stone. Stains are virtually impossible to remove and there really is no need to.