Our newest burn unit got a serious work out last week. 32 Pizzas, several roasted peppers, a bunch of sausages, a complete tray of garlic pinwheels all in a 2.5 hour span. And there were no leftovers!

This wasn’t our traditional wood fired pizza oven test drive but an event we had at our Agawam, Massachusetts retail store. There were pony rides, face painting but the big hit of the day was the free pizza.

We decided to burn in our Model D oven due to the volume of food we would be preparing. In the beginning we were cooking 4 pizzas at a time due to the large number of hungry visitors. The first 4 pizzas were almost polished off by the time we pulled 4 more pizzas from the oven. After that we were cooking 2 pizzas at a time to eliminate the need to re-fire individual slices.

It was an AWESOME day!


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