It’s our end of the season clearance sale and we have some extremely good deals on our 3 remaining Model B pizza ovens.

We hate to part with it but our Model B demo unit is now for sale. This past spring we needed to increase our pizza output due to the size of our events so we added a model D. Since then the Model B has not seen any use.

Details: This demo unit has not been used in about a year.

Model B
2 Shelves
Stand with casters
Reg. Price: $2680 (including the stand)This Demo Unit: SOLD

Our next clearance oven is another model B. It is in great shape. We used it as a display at 2 home shows but it has never been used to cook.

Model B
No Shelves
Stand with casters
Reg. Price $2680
This Display Model: SOLD

And our last Model B has not been used. It is still on it’s original pallet and also includes the stand.

Model B
2 Shelves
Stand with casters
Reg. Price $2680
This Display Model: SOLD

Delivery and set up is available within 50 Miles of our Agawam MA. store.
Pick up is available at our Agawam MA. store.

We decided to cook some pizzas this Saturday June 19th from Noon until 2 PM.

Although we normally schedule our test drives for small groups we are going to have our big model D oven fired up so if you feel like testing it out stop by. I will be cooking for 2-3 hours.

So far my pizza menu for the day consists of Cheese Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Roasted pepper and sausage pizza and prossibly some garlic and clam pizzas.

If you feel like stopping by and testing out an oven before you buy one please send an email to:
You may also want to read the following page: Test Drive Info

Hope to see you Saturday!

After our late April pizza party we decided we would erect a pavilion over our patio in front of our large, built in wood fired pizza oven. It turned out to be a great idea as our May event started off as a rainy Saturday.
The rain finally let up and the sun fought through the clouds and the pizzas starting flying out of the oven!

[singlepic id=52 w=320 h=240 float=none]

Chef tolli spent some time entertaining our guests by tossing the pizza dough. I’m pretty sure he never did more than 1 revolution while successfuly catching the dough.

[singlepic id=54 w=320 h=240 float=none]

If you want to test drive one of our pizza ovens let us know! It’s a great excuse for us to get out there and do some wood fired cooking!

Our newest burn unit got a serious work out last week. 32 Pizzas, several roasted peppers, a bunch of sausages, a complete tray of garlic pinwheels all in a 2.5 hour span. And there were no leftovers!

This wasn’t our traditional wood fired pizza oven test drive but an event we had at our Agawam, Massachusetts retail store. There were pony rides, face painting but the big hit of the day was the free pizza.

We decided to burn in our Model D oven due to the volume of food we would be preparing. In the beginning we were cooking 4 pizzas at a time due to the large number of hungry visitors. The first 4 pizzas were almost polished off by the time we pulled 4 more pizzas from the oven. After that we were cooking 2 pizzas at a time to eliminate the need to re-fire individual slices.

It was an AWESOME day!

We just received our newest burn unit!

A “burn unit” is simply a pizza oven we have on display and use for demonstrations etc. In our case we use our burn units for our Free Test Drives. We also use them for testing out new recipes.

We built this model D wood fired oven into a paver stone surround and added a marble counter top.  We were in a bit of a hurry to get it installed for a big event we were having and were able to get the wall up and oven installed in under 3 hours.

[nggallery id=3]

We get a lot of requests to test drive our wood fired pizza ovens. During each test drive I typically get the fire going and myself and a couple of our staff cook a few pizzas etc. with our visitors. Well in late March I had a different sort of test drive request. A local chef who is also a friend asked if he could test drive one of our wood fired pizza ovens. It’s a pretty normal request so I said “sure, when would you like to try it out?”. We set a date for April 9th.

On April 8th Chef Tolli arrived to drop off a very large table and some ingredients. I was a bit surprised to see 8 pizza doughs, a food processor, a gallon or so of his sauce and large bags of cheese, vegetables, sausage and other ingredients. When I asked him “why so much stuff?” he told me he wanted to cook all afternoon and had asked some of our mutual friends to come and test drive the oven with us.

So on April 9th Chef Tolli commandeered my model B pizza oven for the aftrnoon and it was awesome!

This is a great video by Koala wood fired pizza oven. The Koala Pizza Oven is the same line we carry however branded in Australia as “Koala”.
The Models shown in the video are our Model D (the larger model in the video) and our Model A which has since been replaced by the Model B.

Recently we had an impromptu pizza test drive.

Due to the somewhat unexpected nature of our test drive the wood was a bit damp but all in all everything went very well.

Ralph was up first.

Ralph used his finely chopped tomatoes as opposed to pizza sauce. It was a home run!

I’m not sure how many pizzas Ralph cooked. I think it was around 3 or so but each of them came out awesome!

I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare but with some help from my employees we whipped out a few good pies.

I have to say it was a fantastic afternoon. Great pizza with some equally great guys! Oh and we just delivered Ralph’s pizza oven and very soon I will be traveling to Ralph’s home for some pizza. Thanks for the invite Ralph! See you all again very soon.

Saturday was a wood fired pizza marathon at our store!

On Saturdays the atmosphere is more relaxed than it is during the week at our store. The 3-5 of us working have a little more fun and often times that fun revolves around cooking in our wood fired oven. This past Saturday was no exception and we decided that it would be pizza day.

I fired up the oven at around 12:30 and it was at 850 degrees really fast. I didn’t time it but it was ready to go when I was done preparing the first pizza.

Our first pizza of the day was a meat lovers. Sausage (Perri sweet sausage), pepperoni and hamburg. This was a warm up run. Unfortunately, we were lacking a pizza peel so we couldn’t cook directly on the stone. That was a little bit of a problem. We were going to run out and buy one but the kitchen equipment store about 6 miles away was closed. So we made due with a cookie sheet.

The warm-up pizza came out and looked really good. We gave it to customers who were meandering around the store/lot. They gave it rave reviews but in my opinion the dough wasn’t cooked enough in the center due to it being on the cookie sheet.

The next pizza was a combo with bell peppers, mushrooms and hamburg.

Just about ready to come out of the oven.

The next pie was a veggie.

Fresh broccoli and green, red and yellow bell peppers.

I like meat on my pizzas but this came out really good. The broccoli was crunchy and the peppers had some snap to them as well.

Tom, our sales manager, wanted to do more of a specialty pizza. He roasted a couple of bell peppers in the pizza oven (no pictures as everyone else was busy with customers). They almost didn’t last for his pizza as a couple of us began taking the skin off of the peppers and the inside was perfectly roasted. Tom intervened and sliced up the peppers and added thinly sliced eggplant and ricotta cheese.

Tom had not cooked a pizza solo yet and he left the pizza dough on the table loaded with the toppings and figured he could just slide it onto the cookie sheet. He didn’t have enough flower on the table and everything stuck. So he made the best of it and slid the toppings off, unstuck the pizza and put it on the cookie sheet. His pizza did not look pretty when it went into the oven.

Again, we were busy when Tom put the pizza in and unfortunately we didn’t get any photos but I did have a piece of it and it was really good.

And the last pizza of the day.

We went with a combo. Mushrooms, bell peppers, hamburg, and tomatoes.  We whipped this up really quick! It’s not the most attractive pizza I’ve ever seen but it tasted great. The edges were a bit crispier than I would have liked due to not turning it enough.

I will definitely be getting a new pizza peel this week.

A LOT of people ask me how they should clean their pizza stone. “Clean your pizza stone?”, is my typical response as I don’t clean mine.

Seriously though there are times when you need to clean the stone be it from a spill or just cooking some messy foods. This is how I clean mine.

First, I get a really hot fire going. I typically will bring it up to 900+ degrees. Next I take a stiff spatula and simply scrape the stone removing any food remnants. Using the same spatula I scoop up the debris and throw it in the trash. NOTE: Please wear heat protective gloves so you don’t burn yourself!

Once the fire is out and the pizza oven has cooled I either use a small brush and sweep out any leftover scrapings or I use a compressor and blow the scrapings out.


  • Use any type of soap as it will be absorbed by the pizza stone
  • Use any type of oven cleaner or any cleaner for that matter
  • Use water although I sometimes will use a slightly damp rag to wipe down the stone

Don’t worry about stains on the pizza stone. Stains are virtually impossible to remove and there really is no need to.